Executive Coaching

Working from strengths to perform even better

What is Executive Coaching?

It has a variety of names: leadership, management, one to one coaching, performance coaching. However the common theme is that it is a way of developing managers in leadership positions within a corporate context. The agenda/topics are driven by the clients and their organisation and the focus is on working from strengths to perform even better rather than from a remedial perspective. A typical executive coaching session can be 90 minutes – 2 hours and gives the executive an opportunity to think through and work out plans ( and often new ways of thinking) with someone who is trained to precision listen, ask questions and hold a mirror up to the coachee, so they receive objective unbiased feedback. A good coach will provide challenge and support but it’s not a cosy conversation!

Watch this video to find out about the benefits of executive coaching with Julia:

Why choose Julia Menaul as your coach?

  • Julia has worked with hundreds of clients across the public, private and not for profit sectors as a coach since 2001.
  • Previously a manager at a young age, and a Learning & Development Professional for the last 30 years she understands the challenges of corporate life.
  • Her qualifications and approach are grounded in the psychological dimension of learning and change to get to the emotional blockages that stop people performing to their best ability.
  • Independently accredited with the Association for Coaching to Master Executive Coach Level (the highest tier) – a rigorous process outside of formal coaching qualifications which shows quality and constant commitment to continuing professional development as a coach.
  • An advanced level coach proven by her experience of being doubly qualified as a coach supervisor who mentors both coaches and other supervisors.

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Typical Coaching Topics

Julia is interested in working with clients who are seeking transformational shifts in their career (and lives).

Clients are often senior managers looking to take the next step and perhaps unsure if it is the right one for them and their families. The Covid-19 Pandemic changed many things for a lot of people and leaders are no different in wanting to look again at what they thought they wanted from their careers but perhaps no longer fits a recent change in values and lifestyle.

For corporate clients this might seem a conflict of interest if the organisation is paying the coach! However, we know that happy employees are productive employees and coaching provides an opportunity to not only handle some of the knottier issues around being an authentic leader but also what a leader needs to develop to be fit for the current job as well as any future jobs and be happy overall.

The focus is long term and career focussed and works especially well with leaders in the middle age years looking for a forum to ask and answer the big existential questions.

Julia will hold your feet to the fire and challenge you, but she will support you and won’t let them burn!


Next steps

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