Spark Coaching and Coaching Supervision Services

Supervision Services for Coaches

Support for coaches either internally in organisations or for external independents is now a must. All major coaching bodies stipulate that their members should be engaging in reflective practise with someone more qualified and experienced in order to develop and operate ethically. This provides credibility and reassurance with clients and minimises risk. Supervision is a developmental journey and moves a coach from seeking reassurance about their practice after qualification, testing of ethical dilemmas on towards greater presence and wisdom.

Supervision of Coaching Supervisors

Supervision of supervision is qualitatively different than supervision of coaching. Two supervisors working collegiately together in a greater place of equality in a space that is co–created with the supervisee making of that space whatever they will. There may be a keener awareness of the ethical complexities; the pyramid of relationships that often underpin a conversation where the ultimate client is three or even four times removed. Recognising these multiple boundaries and the need to protect and reduce greater risk, for all these multiple levels, is greater with supervisors than coaches. The working alliance as two supervisors can be summed up by “Do no harm together”.

Executive Coaching

Most managers are already good at what they do. One to one coaching with Julia Menaul will help you to raise your game. Whether that’s for a promotion, the next stage of your career or the chance to really get to grips with some leadership issues. Julia will be your thinking partner to sort out once and for all those time management issues, self-belief/confidence, handling tricky conflict situations, maintaining well-being, planning, delegating... you name it and it's turned up. As an executive coach since 2000 there isn’t much she hasn’t seen before!

Sessions are tailored around you on length, timing, venue and budget. And for time pressured managers, coaching by phone, Zoom or face to face can provide plenty of flexibility.