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Julia's books and publications

Julia has published many books and other literature to support others in their coaching work and the application of coaching in their organisations. 



Compassionate Coaching in the Corporate World (2017)

eBook available from Book Boon

An introduction into Compassion for professionals such as leaders, line managers, HR professionals and coaches who have an interest in people development and talent management.  

From Fierce Lion to Pussy Cat: How to tame the abrasive employee (2015)

Kindle version available from Amazon. If you would like a print copy of this book, please Email Julia with your name and address and we can post one out to you including an invoice for £6.00.

From Fierce Lion to Pussy Cat helps you unlock the secrets of handling an abrasive employee in the workplace, and is useful for their line managers, colleagues, coaches or even the employee themselves. Expect pragmatic tips, advice and techniques on how to avoid classic mistakes before they happen.  

Running a Successful Executive Coaching Business (2013)

eBook available from Book Boon

You will find tips on getting started, what coaching qualifications you might need, how to make your mark in the corporate world to earn real executive coaching fees and how to avoid some of the most common traps to befall most coaches.


Articles and Publications

Top 10 Tips for Pain Free CPD (2015)

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Julia's top ten tips on how to take charge and easily manage your Continual Professional Development. 

116 Time Management Tips and Tricks (2015)

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Individual tips to help you become more efficient and save time in your working day. 

Creating a Coaching Culture: A guide to setting up a coaching programme in the workplace (2015)

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Organisations adopting workplace coaching find benefits in both the strategic and the operational, this guide runs the reader through the benefits, implementation and evaluation of a workplace coaching programme. 

How to Handle Complaints (2015)

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This Guide will help you if you need to take more responsibility for handling complaints. It will improve not only your effectiveness in handling complaints, but also your willingness to do so.

Managing Emotion in Groups (2014)

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I’ve written this short guide to assist you by clarifying some of the factors you need to consider in determining if and how to intervene in groups where there are displays of emotion.

Coachees in Crisis (2005) 

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A magazine article written by Julia Menaul concerning the coaching of clients who may not have volunteered to be coached, and the obstacles that need to be overcome in doing so.

Developing Self-awareness using the Johari Window (2005)

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Julia's magazine article concerning the quality of our relationships with others and how our levels of interaction with others vary widely. 

Improving Emotional Intelligence in Coachees (2005)

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The article explores how developing emotional intelligence leads to greater self-awareness and the ability to change disruptive emotions.



Julia was professional, friendly, knowledgeable, engaging, thought provoking and an excellent coach, it was an absolute pleasure to meet her and work with her. I was incredibly impressed, and I hope to meet her again in the future. Kristian Taylor-Beaumont, Fragrance Training Manager, Kenneth Green Associates

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