Hurry Up Driver (Transactional Analysis)

Is Relaxation A Waste of Time?

Did you see my recent video introducing the the Drivers Theory from Transactional Analysis? If you did, you’ll know that I’m doing a series of five videos explaining how the Drivers can affect your behaviour (which in turn can have unfortunate knock-on effects in your life, business and personal relationships).

And in these videos, I’m also giving you some actionable tips about how to deal with the ones that could be causing your problems.

Last week we covered the Try Hard Driver. This week, we’re exploring the Hurry Up Driver.

Some people have all five Drivers, and some will have only one or two.

If you recognise your behaviour is affected by the Hurry Up Driver – or indeed any of the Drivers you see as we go through the series – and it’s causing you problems, please get in touch. I may be able to give you more in-depth help.

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