Association for Coaching Symposia on Health and Well-being

London –Wednesday 23rd May 2018*

Glasgow- Tuesday 12th June 2018*

Julia Menaul will be one of the workshop speakers for this one day event with other topics being neuroscience, resilience, mindfulness and supervision.

*Please note the change of date from original advertised.  

Title: Coaching with Compassion

About This Event:

The topic of compassion has been growing for some time as part of a general shift towards helping clients with wellbeing and related areas such as Mindfulness, Resilience and Happiness.

Advances in neuroscience show we are “hard wired” as humans for compassion.

However, with increasing complexity and strife within the corporate arena and the world at large, our ability to be compassionate is more important than ever but sometimes harder than ever to find.

Anecdotally coaches report more pain, grief and suffering showing up in coaching and maybe this is because managers in particular feel more comfortable employing a coach rather than having therapy.

Compassion is not all pink and fluffy. It’s not just about kindness. Compassion is about the courage “to descend into the reality of human existence”. Unfortunately, for many managers, the more power you have the less empathetic you are to those subordinate to you.

On that basis, all coaches, whether working inside or outside of the corporate world, need greater skill to help clients connect with their own compassion to lead happier and more productive lives. The challenge for coaches is how we connect with our own self compassion in order to model the way with our clients. As Paul Gilbert (2008) says “If your compassion does not involve yourself then it is incomplete”.

What you will learn:

  • Why humans are built for compassion
  • Why it’s so hard to be self-compassionate (for coaches and clients)
  • Why too much empathy and the desire to help can cause problems for Coaches
  • Compassion and the corporate world- why it makes good business sense.

By the End of the Session you will:

  • Know the three requirements for Compassion
  • Examined three helpful questions on Compassion to develop your Coaching capability.
  • Learned some techniques for generating Compassion in coaching clients

We will share our learning on what hinders our compassion towards clients and how to find the space and courage to help them, as well as ourselves. The session draws on Julia’s latest e- book published by Book Boon “Compassionate Coaching in the Corporate World”. For more information go to



Julia is an expert coach with a keen ability to provide insightful feedback. In my experience her feedback has enabled participants to transfer their learning into improved performance in the workplace. Dr Kay Evans Education Adviser, Judicial College

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