Just a quick note to say THANKS SO MUCH for last night - my 2 students that were there, keep talking today about how fab you are :-) It was great to see everyone engaging in the case studies and getting involved - you've got great facilitation skills. Thanks again for giving up your time. It's very much appreciated. Dr Jenni Jones, Associate Professor in Coaching and Mentoring HR & Leadership Department Course Leader - PGCert/PGDip/MA in Coaching and Mentoring University of Wolverhampton Business School Faculty of Arts

Thanks for our conversation. I wasn’t sure where I was going with it to start with but it was very helpful and added a new dimension to the way I think about my coaching practice. I always value your wisdom and perspective Roger Williams, Executive Coach and Supervisor

Julia has been supporting me through coaching for almost a year.

With Julia's help I managed to identify some of the key challenges at work and come up with realistic, positive solutions. She has both challenged and supported me and ensured I kept on track in between sessions.

Julia's style is very relaxed and friendly, which was great for me since I really didn't know what to expect or what I would gain from coaching. Julia helped me focus on how to identify solution's which are within my control, whilst dealing more effectively and positively with those issues and behaviours from others which are outside my control. The coaching I received has had a lasting impact upon how I work and interact with others.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Julia if you are looking for a coach. Helen Dale, Head of Conservation & Reserves, Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

Working with Julia provided me with an opportunity to reflect on my working practices and how they affect those around me both positively and less positively. I was able to develop an understanding of what influenced my behaviour and establish effective strategies to manage areas that I found particularly challenging. Julia is an effective, professional coach who afforded me sufficient time to process information and formulate ideas. She is approachable and effortlessly easy to communicate with and I feel that I have become a better professional thanks to the sessions we had together. Robin Bush, CEO Autism Together

You were warm and supportive – you always asked me “what else can I do to help you between now and when we next meet?”

You offered challenge in a very ‘easy to accept’ way

Had I never experienced coaching, I think coaching with you would feel really friendly and not at all ‘scary’ or like ‘being’ in therapy which I think sometimes clients are worried it might be like.

You built rapport quickly. I love your sense of humour – that is something I like to use a lot too. Gwynneth Rees- Kenny, Executive Coach & Supervisor

It was brilliant working with Julia for the first time recently when she supported myself and some colleagues with our professional CPD and supervision. Julia skilfully provided the right mix of challenge and support, giving insightful feedback to individuals and the group. Emotions and underlying issues were exposed and managed and Julia tailored her approaches to the varying levels of ability and experience, as well as the differing needs, of the coaches. My only gripe is that I wanted more and the time was up! Kim Davies, Senior OD Business Partner, Staffordshire County Council

Julia, in my opinion, is a fantastic coaching supervisor. I completed my coaching supervision training earlier this year and have been working with Julia on a very regular basis to improve my capability as a supervisor of coaches.

Julia's insight, challenge, support and experience have been used to continually improve my practice as a supervisor and a coach. She always knows the questions to ask and helps me to understand the connections between what appear to be very different issues.

Would highly recommend her. Chris Birbeck, Coach & Supervisor Chris Birbeck Consulting

Julia has been my supervisor for about 3 years now and I've worked with her in both 1-1 and group supervision. If you think you are an experienced coach and don't need supervision, think again. No matter how well I think I know myself, or how great my reflection has been about working with clients and their systems, Julia always brings something to my work that I simply wouldn't have unearthed by myself.

I can honestly say she has transformed my coaching relationships and has stretched me, challenged me and ultimately supported me to be a more effective coach. She has also helped me believe in myself and my abilities.

I've also met some lovely coaches in the area through her group work. I will always want to know Julia. Thank you for your continued patience, stretch and support. Jayne Harrison, Executive Coach, Facilitator & Career Coach Peak Consulting

Julia is a wonderful coaching supervisor. She has been a valuable resource on my coaching journey. Julia is incredibly generous in sharing her ideas, thoughts and resources. She also provides a wise sounding board and has provided just the right balance of challenge and support. I would highly recommend Julia as a coaching supervisor for both experienced and inexperienced coaches. Liz Scott, NewScott Coaching, Coach and Facilitator

I am delighted to provide a testimonial for Julia. I have known Julia professionally for more than 20 years and believe her to be one of the most experienced and expert training providers with whom I have worked. During 2002 to 2010 Julia co-facilitated on a range of training courses for which I was Programme Director, at the National School of Government. (Including design and delivery of the Advanced Coaching & Mentoring programme for Cambridge University’s Institute of Education). These courses involved both middle managers and senior leaders, including members of the senior civil service. The feedback reports from all of these events demonstrated her undoubted expertise as both a trainer and a facilitator.

Julia is able to draw on a wide range of training approaches and methodologies, which are always tailored to the needs of her audience. She has a keen ability to explore complex topic areas in ways that are meaningful for her audiences. Julia is an expert coach with a keen ability to provide insightful feedback. In my experience her feedback has enabled participants to transfer their learning into improved performance in the workplace. Dr Kay Evans Education Adviser, Judicial College

I enjoyed working with Julia. She had ideas at the start of each session but always went with the flow of the sessions if needs be. I like the way she introduced some useful models, but never felt they were being shoe-horned in. I can use them in my own tool box as a manager. Sharing her own experiences and weaknesses was helpful and appropriate. Ken Livingstone, Director of Movement Sustainability, YMCA England

My biggest compliment about the coaching was Julia, I was unsure at first how to act, what to say, what was or was not important, but her style and personality put me at ease and made it easier for me to really look at myself and to come up with my own suggestions.

Julia was professional, friendly, knowledgeable, engaging, thought provoking and an excellent coach, it was an absolute pleasure to meet her and work with her. I was incredibly impressed, and I hope to meet her again in the future.

On a scale of 1-10? That is a very easy question totally TEN OUT OF TEN, I can honestly say I am really sorry it has finished. Kristian Taylor-Beaumont, Fragrance Training Manager, Kenneth Green Associates


Julia helped me focus on how to identify solution's which are within my control, whilst dealing more effectively and positively with those issues and behaviours from others which are outside my control Helen Dale, Head of Conservation & Reserves, Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

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